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1953/54 Webster Wildcat Team Memories

  • Wildcats Against LaPorte #2
    This album of pictures and news articles is from a folder of memories supplied to the blog by Arthur Landiault, one of the exciting players from the 1953/54 Wildcat team. Thanks Art for this great contribution

Clippings, Stats, Etc.

  • George Carlisle Presented Distinguished Service Award
    This album contains news clippings from the past, statistics for players from the Carlisle era, and other interesting stuff. All photos, clippings, etc. must be sent to the site administrator via email to be included in this album.

Robert Brown's Magazine Spread

  • Carbide_news_0005
    This magazine spread featuring Robert Brown was published in the Union Carbide magazine in February of 1957 as the Wildcats were on the road to the state playoffs. Robert was one of the star players on the Creek team that advanced into the state tournment in March of 1957. Robert's step-father was an employee of Union Carbide at the time.

Creek vs. Galveston Ball 1-17-06

  • Galveston Ball Info
    These photos are of pages in the program for the recent Creek vs. Galveston Ball game played at the Carlisle Field House on January 17, 2006. That game was won by the Wildcats, 81-59. Lance Pevehouse led the Creek scorers with 23 points. Thanks to Hugh Taylor (Class of '59) for sending these along.

Team/Individual Photos

  • More Pictures of 56-57 CCJH Teams
    This album contains photos of various former teams and players from the Clear Creek Independent School District. To be included in this album, photos will need to be submitted to the site manager via email.

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Dan Jensen

I don't no nothing about this team no more so Buddy Carlisle needs to dash in and enlighten us. I wonder when he last checked the blog?

I do know that the guy from Georgetown needs to start showing he can coach.

Dan Jensen

I sure wish Buddy Carlisle or some of our local correspondents would brief us on the upcoming basketball season. It will be here before we know it.

Ed Davis

So, is there no news on this year's team. Have we come to the fact that no one cares any more? Do Dan and I have to journey down to the coast to sniff out the news for ourselves? Come on, guys. Let us know what is happening.

Mark Cook

Creek beat Friendswood last night 59-51 to go 1-0 for the season. High scorers were D. Stoker - 13, and D. Benson - 12 pts. Per the Houston Chronicle.

Clear Creek's next game is Friday, Nov. 21st vs. Kashmere, in Houston.

Hugh Taylor

Basketball season is here guys. McDonald's Texas Invitational in Pasadena will have 48 boys teams & 36 girls teams on November 20, 21 & 22.
Two articles in the South Belt-Ellington Leader. Go online at Then go to the current & past issues as shown below:

Nov-13, Page 7 of 12 & 9 of 12
Nov-20, Page 7 of 12

Times of games & who they play & the gyms being used are in the Nov 20 issue. They seem to be high on Duncanville and have their usually good info on the South-Belt teams like Pasadena & Clear Brook.
Clear Creek, Lake & Brook have not come to this tournament before. Have not found a schedule on Creek's web site or anywhere else.

Ed Davis

Thanks for the update, Hugh. If you could send me a Wildcat schedule for this year by email, I would like to post it on the blog. Keep us posted on game outcomes and stats as well as what players to watch.

And, let us know after you have watched them play, what you think of Coach Romine and his style of coaching.

Dan Jensen

It's good to see Hugh Taylor, one of our local correspondents, back in here.

Speaking of local correspondents, Buddy Carlisle could give us some good information.

I wonder why we don't ever see him in here any more? I wonder about such things. I don't know if Terry Mathis and Paul Hackett do or not.

Hugh Taylor

Clear Creek won their first game over Friendswood in a very sloppy fashion says the Galveston News that picked Friendswood. Both had many turnovers with Friendswood having more turnovers than fieldgoals.

Dan Jensen

Hugh, and others, I have found a schedule on

Buddy Carlisle worked for this website last year and I assume he still does.

The site is more difficult to navigate this year and it took me a while to stumble around and find various information. There's a lot there if you can access it.

Terry Mathis

Looks like CC lost to Kashmere, 70-60, last Friday night. After falling behind 18-9 after the first quarter, the game was nip and tuck the rest of the way. We just got off to a slow start apparently. I wonder if any of the current players have been to the Drum in Austin, where the State Tourney is held.

Terry Mathis

Cinco Ranch-48 Clear Creek-41. Record 1-2. Cinco Ranch scored 4 points in the first quarter, but we only scored 8, and we still lost. Leading scorer Laster-11 points. It could be another long year for the Wildcats.

Dan Jensen

Hugh Taylor, or someone, what's the story on that Pasadena tournament? Was it one loss to Kashmere and out? One game is unusual for a tournament.

Hugh Taylor

Creek did not play in the Pasadena tournament. They play Bush from Richmond Tuesday. None of the CC schools played in the Pasadena tournament.
I did go over to take a look at Duncanville, who lost a game. They were killing Houston North Forest 70 to 35 in the fourth quarter and having a good time.

Dan Jensen

Some of our local correspondents are a decided disappointment, deep, dark, dank and dismal, when it comes to updating us on Clear Creek basketball.

Dan Jensen

Our local correspondents must be ashamed of this year's team since we don't get any updates.

It's now the third year since Buddy's retirement. Did he leave the cupboard bare? Or is it his successors' fault?

I wonder about such things but apparently no one does.

Dan Jensen

OK, I have just done a very laborious search on and here is an update.

We opened district play last night with an overtime loss at Brazoswood, 77-74. The season record is now 8-11. Plumb dismal.

Dan Jensen

We got hammered at home, 77-55 by Galveston Ball. We are now 1-4 in district play. The Santa Fe guy did better than that.

paul hackett

i don't follow the current teams but i wonder what is going on in the down grades. are the kids getting to the varsity well tained and prepared to compete. obviously there has to be enough talent, but talent alone is not enough.

Dan Jensen

There is not necessarily "enough talent." The new League City school, Clear Springs, siphoned off some of the talent.

Maybe Buddy Carlisle saw the cupboard was bare and was smart to retire when he did.

We lost a year when the guy from Santa Fe was hired and maybe year two is too early to judge the current coach. But maybe not.

Terry Mathis

Maybe we don't have enough talent, maybe it is not the coaches fault. I haven't been to a game in years so I am not the person to make that judgment. I do read the box scores in the paper and still root for the Wildcats. Maybe someone that has actually seen Clear Creek play has an opinion. Maybe.

Terry Mathis

Well maybe it is the coach plus not enough talent. We got beat by Dickinson last night in League City. Has that ever happened before. Now that is bad. Or does anyone care!

paul hckett

Dickinson???now that does suck.

By the way you remeber their old baseball field...the one behind the school that looked like a place where P.E. Classes should play softball. It had a paved narrow road in right and center field for teachers cars and utility maintenance vehicles.

It was worse than Channelviews field with the ditch in left field.

Dan Jensen

Terry asks if Dickinson has ever beaten us at home? I don't know of such an embarrassment and seriously doubt it. We lost, 49-41 and are now 1-5 in league play with the lone sucess a one point win over Alvin at home.

Terry also asks if anyone cares. I CARE!! I'm not sure that those hiring our coaches care enough.

Terry Mathis

Dan, I know you care. When Paul and I played we were embarrassed when we only won by 20 points against Dickinson. Remember our Cousin Kenneth was a basketball coach for the gators. What we he thinking?

Dan Jensen

I think the team has lost a couple of players with knee injuries but I don't want to hear any excuses! Losing to Dickinson AT OUR PLACE exiles this team to the Hall of Shame!

Didn't Buddy Carlisle's team beat Dickinson by 50 points just three short years ago?

Dan Jensen

I e-mailed Buddy Carlisle about the Dickinson series and he said that he didn't remember ever losing to the Gators as a player or coach.

That covers many years and probably settles the question of whether Dickinson ever beaten us on our floor before. I would be glad to hear the opinions of others who read this.

I have this to say to our utter embarrassment of a team: The Honor Court has met. Its name will never be mentioned again. Let it go from us forever. Let it begin THE WALK OF SHAME!!

Dan Jensen

This following from Bubba Mathis, a three year starter:

We never lost to Dickinson between '75-'77. And we beat them bad, too. I know for sure we played them at least 3-4 times.

Big deal for the Gators to beat CC. For them that is, for us

Terry Mathis

The Massey Ratings had Dickinson rated #546 in Texas and Clear Creek #261. It predicted we would beat Dickinson 68-60, we know that didn't happen. It predicts we will get beat by Clear Springs 61-58, next Tuesday. Lets see how close they are.

Scooter Lenox

What has happened to the pride at Clear Creek. How can you lose to Dickinson anywhere? Has the gene pool gone dry? Lynn says that Clear Creek basketball is lower than the Titanic at this moment. It is disgusting to see such a storied tradition in such apparent disarray.

Dan Jensen

Buddy Carlisle has reported that five players from the beginning of the season are no longer available for various reasons.

That helps explain why the team is spiraling to the depths in district play but there is NO EXCUSE for losing to Dickinson AT HOME!!!! Not none, as Coach George Carlisle would have jokingly said in days of yore.

It's good that our wonderful architect of a once proud tradition is not aware of this tragedy.

Dan Jensen

Lynn Davis has coined the phrase, "Gone with the wind and hiding in the tall grass." I fear that is the plight of our once proud basketball tradition.

I wish the former stars who have grumbled on this thread still had some eligibility.

Terry Mathis

I wonder if the kids even know about the tradition that CC once had. I wonder if any have been to the "Drum" in Austin. Who knows. I would hope the coach knows and has been. Of course all you need to do is drive thru League City now, and you know everything has changed, its a sad situation.

Scooter Lenox

Terry, you are probably right about these guys having no idea what our tradition was. Maybe they should look at all the trophies in the lobby. The Clear Creek Wildcats as we were are no longer. The community no longer exists. The Dairy Dream is no more. Great memories.

Terry Mathis

The last time I went to a game, which has been a long time ago, it was hard to find our trophies (66,67). They should have the State Champion, and other state finalist trophies out front where they won't get forgotten. As it is they were in the back covered with dust. And I doubt if anything has changed. Dan, Who's in charge of this?

Dan Jensen

I blame Ralph Parr. As a principal and school board member, he should have made sure the state championship trophy was always front and center--and brightly polished.

Ralph is like League City. He ain't what he used to be. As Lynn Davis says, Ralph is gone with the wind and hiding in the tall grass.

Hugh taylor

Creek@Clear Springs, half: 33 to 19
Final: 63 to 43 with Springs resting most of the way. No way Creek was going to win.

Dickinson had only won 5 games this year & Creek had to be one of those.

Stand by for more of the same the rest of the year.

Dan Jensen

We have begun the second round of league play and lost another home game! This one was to Brazoswood, 69-59. Are we on the way to a 1-13 district record?

Some may remember me telling a story on another thread of a small Oklahoma school with a great basketball tradition. It did not have a good record last year but made it to the eight team state tournament.

It fell behind 20-0 in the first game. Game over? No the team rallied for a last minute win.

One of the players explained, "There's just something about the name on our jersies."

Here is my suggestion for Clear Creek and I am serious! Remove that proud name from their jersies for the rest of the year and next year's team better understand it has to do better before that policy changes.

Dan Jensen

And another thing, the Galveston News ranks the county teams.

Here are the bottom three teams.
8. Dickinson
9. Clear Creek
10. Santa Fe

That is an absolute disgrace! And the shameful fact is that it is deserved! Who would ever have thought that we would be elbowing Dickinson and Santa Fe for the cellar?

Terry Mathis

There seems to be a lot of equality in the district this year. Clear Lake just barely beat Dickinson 55-52 after trailing at the half, and Clear Springs with a (6-2) district record just edging Alvin (0-8) 42-41, after trailing much of the whole game. It looks like the undisputed best team in 24-5A is Ball High. Old Coach George Hatch would have been proud of them. Is he still living?

Dan Jensen

I like the attitude of the LaMarque girls coach.

TEXAS CITY — The girls basketball team from La Marque is about to get its white jerseys back after beating Texas City, 52-30, on Friday.

Who knows, another win and maybe their coach will let them have their locker room back, too.

Last week, La Marque coach Twanda Rhodes was frustrated her team wasn’t playing up to its ability. She needed a way to inspire, or at least provide a wake-up call to her Lady Cougars.

So she took everything away from her team. Their uniforms, the use of the locker room, their shoes and their practice uniforms; everything was taken away except the basketballs.

Taking some inspiration for Rutgers University women’s basketball coach C. Vivian Stringer, Rhodes told her team that with each win, they’d get something back.

Terry Mathis

I think we need to trade coaches with Dickinson. At least their coach had enough smarts to bring back the 1955 Gators who finished runner up to Buna in the state tourney, to honor them and have them talk to their current players. Has Clear Creek ever do that for our state champions or any other state finalists. That is part of tradition.

Dan Jensen

Bobby Proctor would never call it a mawtapper but tomorrow's game against Alvin carries a lot of significance.

Hey, maybe this is a team that Clear Creek can beat! In fact, it already has this year, a 46-45 squeaker at home. And you know how tough we are at home. If you don't believe me, ask Dickinson.

Clear Creek and Alvin battled for district championship laurels in the past--1954 and 1963 are glowing examples.

But those days are gone with the wind and hiding in the tall grass. We are 1-7 in district and 9-17 for the year and the Yellowjackets are 0-8 and 7-20. What we have here is the Powderpuff Bowl and may the worst team lose. Let's hope it is Alvin.

Dan Jensen

Alvin 64, Clear Creek 62. I don't want to talk any more.

Hugh Taylor

score by quarters;
Creek: 18 to 14
27 to 26
39 to 45
62 to 64
The final was close because of a buzzer three by our Senior guard.

We had a soph that did score & rebounded and could have made a difference if he had more minutes. Alvin was very small but strong. Drove up the midddle for a layup or for the foul all night. They could not hit from outside. They dominated our guards with their strength. Creek hit three's the first quarter but could not keep it up. The soph gave them some strength under the basket but his place was on the bench?? We earned the loss.
Alvin does have a new gym complex with three courts. Nice.

Terry Mathis

Clear Lake 71 Clear Creek 57, and the beat goes on. Im ready for baseball.

Dan Jensen

We are 1-11 now in district play with two games remaining in this plumb pitiful season.

We play at Dickinson Tuesday and maybe we can pull off an upset and break our ten game losing streak.

Upset Dickinson? Doesn't the thought of a win over the Gators being an upset make you want to vomit?

Terry Mathis

This will be the first single digit win season, in the history of Clear Creek basketball, and the worst record in Clear Creek history. As Dan has said many times our tradition is hiding in the tall grass.

Dan Jensen

Big game for Clear Creek tonight at Dickinson. Probably the biggest since 1960 when Bennie Lenox had 36 points, almost as much as the entire Gator team, in an 80-37 win. Dickinson actually had one of its better teams that year but was no match for George Carlisle's magic.

Terry Mathis

If we beat Dickinson tonight will that be like A&M beating UT, last night?

Hugh Taylor

Dickinson-Clear Creek @ half. 36 Dickinson, 18 creek. I left. They were faster, quicker, wanted to win and were playing better. We did start 4 soph's with the point guard senior but no excuse. Wait til next year! A lot has to change.
And Ralph Parr does go to some games, but it has been about 6 weeks since I saw him at a home game. I saw Lake beat Ball & then lose to Springs. What a messed up district this is this year. All Ball has is rebounding & more rebounding with a little hustle.

Dan Jensen

Well, it turns out that the 18 point deficit only increased to 24 at game's end, 73-49. What an absolute, total disgrace! I don't blame old warrior Hugh Taylor for leaving at halftime. All Wildcats, past and present, ought to be hanging their heads in shame.

That certainly includes those doing the hiring at Clear Creek. Buddy Carlisle has only been gone three years and the team has fallen off the charts--losing to Dickinson at home for the first time ever and by 24 (TWENTY FOUR!!) on the road.

Basically the same cast for next year holds little promise. We are playing a lot of young guys but Buddy tells me that many of the district teams are too.

Things HAVE to change! But will they? Don't hold your breath. Clear Creek basketball is truly gone with the wind and hiding in the tall grass.

Dan Jensen

The saddest of seasons has ended. Cellar dwellers. Single digit win total for the season. Lost to Dickinson at home for the first time EVER. Sad, sad, sad.

Clear Springs,the new League City school with no tradition, trounced the team that used to reek with it, 68-50.

That makes the Coach Chris Romine team's district record 1-13 and 9-23 for the season.

Clear Creek's once proud tradition is truly gone with the wind and hiding in the tall grass.


I'm just a guest visiting from the Creek baseball program, but it's my impression that many of our young athletes don't have any understanding of LEGACY. And they take their values from the pros. The pros are rarely anything more than thugs these days. The truly talented, honorable, heroic athletes are few and far between.

I get so disgusted when I watch someone like Manny Ramirez (nasty haired slob that he is) refuse an at-bat when his team needs him because "it's his day off." What?! Or how about Andre Smith in the NFL draft? How did he get so fat and lazy so fast?! Or any number of NFL/NBA stars that act more like pimps than serious athletes. Don't even get me started on the crime...

So, our young men have to draw their values from someplace other than the pros. Parents have to work diligently to counteract the message that thuggery, sloppiness, bad attitude, and laziness pay off - in the MILLIONS. And the high school coaches have to do their part to instill discipline and motivation. They have to work doubly hard to ensure that their players are instilled with the values of team, instead of every prima donna out for himself. Plus, if the coaches themselves are unaware of the Creek legacy, there is no one passing it along to the players.

As an aside, I'd like to point out that the military does an excellent job of instilling pride in a unit's legacy into young men. It's a successful model to follow.

Both parents and coaches have an uphill battle to overcome the tawdry crap coming from the pros these days...they better gird themselves and take back their sons from pop culture, before it's too late. Otherwise their sons become nothing more than really expensive losers.

Dan Jensen

I recently met Heidi on her good baseball site. She has a freshman son who shows promise as a hitter/pitcher. She is going to add a general message board that ought to be fun. I encourage all to check it out at

She has some good comments about the state of the current athlete. Clear Creek's Coach Jim Mallory is an old school, hard nosed coach, so Heidi is not talking about him. We had better beat Dickinson in baseball or I will blame Heidi.

Heidi indicated to me that she was not aware of our basketball squalor. I invite her to devour this site for a full education on our days of glory.

I have exchanged some e-mails the past few months with such great former Wildcats as Scooter Lenox (one of four all staters in the Lenox family), Paul Hackett and Terry Mathis and we sure do wonder how many on the current scene are aware of our great tradition and what we have lost?

I sent an e-mail to the principal yesterday and wondered the same thing.

Dan Jensen

How could I have failed to mention Paul Timmins as one of the former stars in the e-mail group? He was truly one of our all-time greats.

Terry Mathis

I think who ever runs the baseball site needs to remove the 23-0 defeat to Spring HS off the front page. I don't see how anyone gets beat that bad. That's worse than losing to Dickinson. That's embarrassing to ex Wildcat baseball players on this blog.

Dan Jensen

I would like to know the story behind that 23-0 shocker. Maybe the answer is "that's baseball."

Baylor had a 17-1 lead at Texas State last night and began substituting when the Bobcats came to bat in the bottom of the fourth. Eleven runs later in that inning it was 17-12 and it was 17-16 after six before Baylor pulled out a 22-17 win.

Clear Creek is not that bad in baseball and is far superior to our pathetic basketball program.

Dan Jensen

I have e-mailed school board member Ralph Parr and principal Scott Bockart regarding our basketball program. Both have ignored me and I think that is very unprofessional considering their positions.

I also e-mailed the athletic director, Bill Daws, and got a prompt, courteous response.

Dan Jensen

I finally got a response from Ralph Parr but all he told me was that Clear Lake had hired Tommy Penders.

Penders is a great hire and it is an absolute shame that our district can hire good coaches at Clear Lake and Clear Springs but not at Clear Creek.

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