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1953/54 Webster Wildcat Team Memories

  • Wildcats Against LaPorte #2
    This album of pictures and news articles is from a folder of memories supplied to the blog by Arthur Landiault, one of the exciting players from the 1953/54 Wildcat team. Thanks Art for this great contribution

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  • George Carlisle Presented Distinguished Service Award
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Robert Brown's Magazine Spread

  • Carbide_news_0005
    This magazine spread featuring Robert Brown was published in the Union Carbide magazine in February of 1957 as the Wildcats were on the road to the state playoffs. Robert was one of the star players on the Creek team that advanced into the state tournment in March of 1957. Robert's step-father was an employee of Union Carbide at the time.

Creek vs. Galveston Ball 1-17-06

  • Galveston Ball Info
    These photos are of pages in the program for the recent Creek vs. Galveston Ball game played at the Carlisle Field House on January 17, 2006. That game was won by the Wildcats, 81-59. Lance Pevehouse led the Creek scorers with 23 points. Thanks to Hugh Taylor (Class of '59) for sending these along.

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Hugh Taylor

Lance Pevehouse is playing for the San Jacinto Raven basketball team & started 3 of 4 games that I saw. 14 teamates & everyone gets to play. two 20 minute halves. Lance has been missing his long shots but has stolen the ball & rebounded well & handled the ball as well as you can with one or two guys hanging on you. They won two & lost two in games that I have seen. Coach was there last Saturday night with family to view the game before celebrating his 79 th birthday!

The McDonalds basketball Tournament is in town for the 15, 16 & 17 of this month. Creek & Lake will play along with 48 other boys teams and 24 girls teams. First chance to see the new coach and this years team

Dan Jensen

It will be interesting to see how the new regime unfolds. I hope someone can post a schedule for us.

Hugh, that was a good report on Pevehouse. We should not forget our heroes when they graduate.

Can someone tell us why he didn't stay very long at West Point?

Hugh Taylor

Lance Pevehouse went to a prep school for the academy to see if he really wanted to go that route. Now he's at San Jacinto with 4 years eligigility. Last night against Montgomery College he did not start but hit 5 of 6 3's in the first half & 1 of 1 in the second half. San Jac wins 122 to 55.

Dan Jensen

I see where Logan Lancon has signed to play with TCU next year.

Hugh Taylor

Clear Creek won it's first two games in the Texas Invitational easily as the opponents were not that strong. They have good height, play pretty fast & move the ball around. Fresh players are running in & out often as they play 10 to 12 players. Sometimes press full court. Might be a good year for the Seniors that have had three coaches in 3 years.

Hugh Taylor

Against Houston Jones Lance dislocated his right sholder in about the third quarter. Sat for awhile then thought he was better so he went back in. Re-injured the shoulder and went to the bench and got bandaged up. Lost the game in overtime by one point. Jones only had one player that could shoot. All the rest just put it up & waited for their one big man to put in in. Going to be a long season now.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Lance Pevehouse has signed a letter of intent to play basketball for Sam Houston State. I may be corrected but I don't remember another Wildcat that has played for Sam since I did in 1968. WOW 40 years.

Terry Mathis

Sam Houston is 3-0 this year, with a win over Bobby Knight and Texas Tech.

Dan Jensen

Hugh, who is this "Lance" that you are talking about that got hurt in the Jones game?

Hugh Taylor

Logan Lancon, not Lance hurt his sholder playing in the Jones game.

Terry Mathis

Sam Houston State is 4-0 after a win last night over Fresno State, in Huntsville. It was their 40th straight home non conference win in a row, which is 3rd in the nation behind Duke with 53, and Utah St. with 47. Their last non conference loss came in 1998, by Texas A&M 73-70. Senior 6'6" Forward Ryan Bright, from Deer Park was coached by the late Billy Carlisle, is their best player this year. So this comment does have a Clear Creek connection, after all.

Terry Mathis

Clear Creek lost last night in overtime to Bush, 54-43. The Wildcats did not score in overtime. Richard Drew had 17 and Ian Davis 10. Clear Creek is 3-3, Bush 4-0. (Houston Chronicle).

Terry Mathis

Sam Houston beat the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, in Milwaukee 81-77 last night, to go to 5-0 this year. Ryan Bright scored 14 points and pulled down 15 rebounds. Sam is ranked #6 in the nation according to, following Miami (FL), New Orleans, Texas, Texas A&M, and U.C.L.A. Baylor is #15, and Duke is #14.

Dan Jensen

Frank McKinney moans about Ed Davis and me mentioning Baylor on this site but since he is a Sam Houston alum as I am, I am sure he doesn't mind Terry giving us those Bearkat reports.

This is a Clear Creek site to be sure and the Wildcat report is appreciated. We really need some comments from the Carlisle family too.

When is Logan Lancon expected back? When is the Clear Creek tournament?

Pat H

Just to update anyone interested in Ray Kraemer's 1st year with the University of Nevada in Reno, I thought I'd drop in. Ray has seen action in every game, but seldom more than a few minutes at a time. The Wolf Pack has been struggling due to their youth and inexperience and Ray hasn't really found his niche with the team. He's playing the 2 and a little 3 and getting about 6 minutes per game over the 5 contests thus far. He's considered the 2nd best 3pt shooter on the team, but has taken very few shots thus far. I traveled to Vegas for the UNLV-Nevada game (I live in Seattle so I don't see many live games, most are broadcast on the internet though) and Ray saw some action. So far the general opinion of Nevada fans is that he's very aggressive on defense and a very good rebounder for being 6'4" and doesn't try to do too much. With his limited minutes, that doesn't give me much more to say. I expect to see his minutes increase as he adapts to the offense, but he's playing behind some very good players, so I don't see much chance to break into the starting line up at this point.

You area correspondents are far too sporadic on the updates.

I'm just finding out that the Clear Creek tournament now has gold, silver and bronze brackets.

What's that all about? And why the change in format to this storied tournament?

Ed Davis

I notice Dan is not adding his name to his comments. Too busy or just getting too old to remember? But we always know when it from him.

Say, Pat, I enjoyed your update on Ray Kraemer. Keep us posted as he progresses. Hope he can get in a little more time on the court.

I am interested in the CCHS tournament format as well. Surely, Hugh can fill us in. Or anyone else will do.

Season's greetings, by the way.

Dan Jensen

From the schedule I have, I note that we start district play Saturday in Alvin.

While wondering why it's on Saturday, I wonder if an 11-8 non-district record is good or bad? Is the new coach, Chris Romine, doing a good job or bad?

I wish some of our area correspondents would come out of retirement and educate us.

(Ed, for some reason the "remember personal info" is not working for me any longer. So it's your fault when my name does not appear with my posts.)

Ed Davis

Dan, I will continue to add your name when it needs to be done - maybe not as timely as it needs to be but I will get it done eventually.

Wish we could hear from someone like Hugh Taylor to find out what he thinks about the new coach and our team this year. Maybe 11 wins so far is good. Who knows?

Dan Jensen

Hugh Taylor is a decided disappointment, deep, dark, dank and dismal. But, he's not the only one of our area correspondents who is lagging.

(Ed, looks like my name is sticking now.)

Dan Jensen

All I know is that we opened 24-5A play last night on the road at Alvin and won, 74-67. Anyone have any details?

Peggy Carlisle

I am sorry that I have not logged on for quite a while, so I was surprised to read about Chester Davis's HONOR. We are very happy to hear that, because we remember Chester and Elsie as both being very busy in the League City Community. They were fine people, who have 3 fine sons, Lynn, David and Mike. They are all sucessful men today.
I have to answer Dan on this issue. We have only been to one Clear Creek game, and that was before Christmas. Logan was not playing-out with the injury that was talked about in some of the comments. We will be going to some games in the future, I'm sure. Instead, we have been following some of the players who are in College now, and have played for either Buddy or Billy.
We saw the Aggie game with Rice. Nathan Walkup is playing some as a freshman, and we expect good things from him. He started playing for Billy as a freshman. We are very fond of his family. There are two more good basketball players coming up in that family, so we think you will be hearing the name Walkup in the basketball world in the future. Also we saw Ryan Bright play when they were in Houston several weeks ago at Texas Southern. He has a great Mom and Dad that we are very fond of also. The last we heard was that Ryan was 4th in the Nation in rebounding. I hope I am not overstating this. I know if I am, I will be corrected.
When we went to see Lance play at San Jac, George spotted Hugh Taylor as soon as we walked in the door. We will be going to see Lance play some more soon. And yes, he has signed with Sam Houston, so we will be making some trips to Huntsville next year, I'm sure. We saw Ray Kramer play for the Nevada Wolfpack on television, but as someone said, he is not getting much time. Buddy thinks if he sticks it out one more year, he might make it. We talked to Keith Mathis last night, and we were wishing Ray could join Sam Houston next year, and he and Lance could team up together again. We are talking about going up to see a game at Sam on the 24th. We'll see.
I am going to call Buddy as soon as I get off this computer, and just see if he has some time to give this Blog a report on the Wildcats. He is going to many games because of his job with Max Preps, and I know that he is going out of town for three days this week, so I cannot promise any results this week, but I'll try, or get a report from him myself, and pass it on. We went to the Alvin Tourney, but Creek or Lake were not in it. They were traveling to tournaments instead.
I know if George could, that he would want to thank you all again for creating this Blog, and keeping the good old memories alive. He really was touched by this tribute. He still follows most sports on TV. That keeps him occupied most days. Bless you all for all you have done in his honor. Our love to all of you.

Dan Jensen

While wondering who Ryan Bright is, I want to thank Peggy for catching us up on some things.

But, she did miss updating us on her grandson, young Will.

Peggy, you are a fine lady and I wish I had gotten to know you better.

Buddy Carlisle

My sincere apologies to all who follow Creek basketball and read this blog. I was employed by MaxPreps in mid-October and have been working my tail off to try and catch up. We are the largest high school sports website in the nation and my main job as a territory rep is to contact coaches and get them to put their stats on our site. We are owned by CBS Sports and it is an awesome site. I get my paycheck from the CBS Payroll Dept. and my benefits package came to me in the mail with pictures of Oprah, David Letterman, Jim Nantz, etc. It was pretty cool.

The Wildcats have a nice website and their stats are posted along with pictures of each player, scores of all games, etc. Jeff Carroll, who was our MVP in 1997, is coaching sophomores at Creek and helping with the Varsity and he is updating the Maxpreps stuff for Chris. Just go to the site at and select Texas and the go to Clear Creek and select Basketball '07-'08. The boys and the girls are doing their stats with us.

Coach Romine is doing a great job and the team is playing very well. They have some good depth, height and some very good shooters. They remind me of some of my teams and I really enjoy watching them play.

As noted by some others, Logan Lancon did hurt his shoulder and missed about 10 games which hurt our won-loss record but probably helped in the long run because some guys had to step up and hit some big shots while he was out. We won some games and were very close in some others without one of our best players.

Ian Davis is having a great year and should be able to play for someone when this year is done. Ian is 6'6", Logan is 6'6" also and Matt McNeil is about 6'5". so we have good size in the front line. Denzel Benson is the point guard and is small(5'7") but very quick. Richard Drew is the other starter and a very good 3 point shooter. We have a kid named Justin Warren who comes off the bench and can wear it out from 3 or medium range. The only down side to our team really is that they are all seniors except Denzel.

We won our opener at Alvin 74-67 but it was not really as close as the score would indicate. This is a big week with Ball at home tomorrow night and brook away on Friday. Lake, Brook, Ball and us are all very even and it should be a great race. The other 3 teams could upset someone but I don't think anyone but those 4 has a chance for playoffs.

Again, sorry about my absence and check out our website. I think you will really enjoy it if you haven't seen it already. The girls team is doing great as well with an undefeated district record and I don't think they will lose one as our district is the weakest it has been in a while.

As has been noted, Lance is doing very well at San Jac. He hit for 23 points and 5 assists Sat. and San Jac has won about 12 in a row. I heard that he hit 3 three's in a row to blow the game open on Sat. I'm thrilled that he is going to Sam as I will be able to go see him play a bunch. Ray Kraemer is at Nevada Reno and not getting much playing time but I think he will eventually. He is playing behind seniors I understand. Coy Custer, our 6'9" post on my '06 team is at Lamar and not getting much pt either but is only a red shirt freshman.

Gotta run. My best to all of you Creek backers and it makes me feel really good when I read about how much all of you think of my dad. He is a special man and my mom is taking great care of him. She is the greatest. Take care and GO CREEK!!!

Peggy Carlisle

Dan, scroll back up and read a post from Terry Mathis about Ryan Bright. Then you will know why I mentioned him.

As soon as I got off the computer, I realized that I forgot to mention our Will. He is playing at the 7th grade level on the A team, and he is gotten up to 5'6", so it looks like he is going to be as tall as his father or taller. The other two boys, Wes, and Wyn are also growing like weeds. We will spend many hours the next two months going to Will's games, and loving every minute. All three of them excel in school, and Billy would be very proud. They still talk about their Dad just like he is going to walk in the door. It is amazing.
I'm going to try to send a picture of the four of them taken recently on the BILLY CARLISLE court. They have honored Billy so well at Deer Park. The picture is very good, but I do not know how good the court will show up on the computer.

Ed Davis

Thank, Peggy and Buddy, for bringing us up-to-date on the 07/08 Wildcats. Sounds like they are doing well considering the injury to Logan. I checked out the website Buddy told us about in his comment above and it is really a good one. So scroll back up and follow his directions. I am looking forward to more reports very soon from Peggy and Buddy and from others as well.

Dan Jensen

I'm still wondering about Ryan Bryant and also why I cannot all that good stuff Buddy talks about. I can get the scores and that's all.

Peggy Carlisle

Creek lost a close one last night at Carlisle Field House - 72-68. Ball does have a very good team this year. I did not see the game, but there is a good writeup in the Chronicle with Logan Lancon's picture taking the ball away from a Ball High player. Logan scored 23 points. We are planning on going to the Clear Brook-Creek game Friday night at Carlisle Field House, and then hope to see Lance Pevehouse play on San Jac.
Check in later.

Buddy Carlisle

Tough loss for the Cats last night to Ball. It was a very good game by 2 good teams and we just came out on the short end 68-64. They led 33-31 at the half but ripped us pretty good in the 3rd quarter and led 47-35 at the end of 3.

We rallied and actually took the lead by 2 with about 1 minute and a half to go. They made a big 3 and then hit 4 free throws in the final seconds to hold us off.

Ball is very quick and we are not. They forced 26 tornovers and that really hurt us. Logan Lancon had 23 in a good game but Ian Davis did not play as well as he has been and had only 9 points.

We have a big one Friday at home vs. Clear Brook who was the pre season favorite. They are 2-1 while Lake is 2-0 and Ball is 2-0. We are 1-1 so it is a big game for us and it is at home.

Buddy Carlisle

Oops, I got the Creek score wrong by a few points but the final mnargin was 4 points. The Ryan Bright that Peggy is talking about played for Billy at Deer Park and is a senior at Sam Houston and has had a great career there. He has been all conference the past 2 years and was freshman of the year also.

Dan Jensen

Was that big Friday game played or was it cancelled?

Peggy Carlisle

Thought Hugh might report on the game. He and Kathleen were there,Bobby Galloway and Pola were there and Arthur Landreault
to name a few. Oh that's right, Dan wanted to know about the big game. I guess I'm delaying the bad news. When we left, the score was 54-40. I think Buddy said the final score in the paper was 60-44. The bottom line is that we did not play well. Their quickness was probably most of the reason we did not play well.
We play Lake next Tuesday. It will be interesting to see if we can come back against them. Stay tuned.

Buddy Carlisle

I was out of town for the Brook game but talked with my old assistant, Greg Eanes, who is still the JV coach and Jeff Carroll, who was our MVP in 1997 and is currently the sophomore coach.

They both felt like that our 2 top players were outplayed by Brook's 2 top guys and that was the difference in the game. I think Logan and Ian scored 25 between them and Miles and Milam scored 41 together and that was just about the 61-44 final score differential.

We have Lake tonight at Lake and they are undefeated at 4-0 so it will be a tough one to win. We then play Pearland at their place on Friday so it is a big week. We need to get at least a split to stay in the race.

I will be going to the Deer Park-LaPorte game tonight at Billy Carlisle Court so I will have to get my info from the coaches and get back to you Creek fans when I get said info. Surely Hugh Taylor, Arthur Landriault or Bobby Galloway will make the trip over to Lake for that one.

Dan Jensen

Bobby Galloway is from the class of '53 and them guys don't no nothing about them computers.

Arthur and Hugh have posted on this site before but not lately. Dismal disappointments they is.

Buddy Carlisle

Well, the good news is I saw one of the best games I have seen this year at Deer Park where the Deer beat previously undefeated LaPorte 78-73 in 3 overtimes last night at Billy Carlisle Court. My bro would have been very proud of the Deer!

Unfortuantely the Wildcats led 36-28 at the half but lost 66-55 at Lake, dropping us to 1-3 is 245A play.

The good news there is that if we beat Bwood Friday at home and Pearland next Tuesday away, we are still in good shape for a playoff spot, albeit the 4th one.

Lake apparently turned up the devensive pressure, from what I heard, and we did not handle it very well. So, disappointing to lose after being ahead but it would have been a very tough one to expect to win at their place.

Sorry for not many details but I know that Ian Davis and Logan Lancon were our leading scorers with 17 and 16. I'm out of town this weekend again for the Celina Football parade north of Dallas to present a Tour of Champions award to their football team. Should be interesting and very cold. Until next time I am out of here.

Dan Jensen

While wondering about the Friday Brazoswood game, I also wonder how tall Curly Lenox was?

Y'all remember Curly don't you? One of the sharpshooting Lenox brothers and who led us to our only state championship in 1963.

Unlike his brothers Bennie and Scooter, he played post that year but got a lot of his points outside.

Now, y'all are wondering why I am wondering about that, aren't you? Well the Baylor women's team (yeah I follow it and wonder if Ed Davis does too) won a big one against Oklahoma in Norman yesterday on national TV and one of its post players got the Lady Bears going with a couple of three pointers. Surprised everyone. But Curly didn't surprise when he hit from outside.

Now, my last wonderment. Does anyone remember how tall Curly was?

Y'all sure wish someone had posted about the Brazoswood game, don't you?

Dan Jensen

Buddy now works for and has encouraged us to check that site for information on the Wildcats.

Well, it has nothing on last Friday's game nor last night's. Buddy needs to crack the whip on whoever is fumbling the ball on this.

Hugh Taylor

Creek Lost last night at Pearland 53 to 46. First quarter: 11 to 10 Creek. Half: 29 to 21 Pearland. Third: 49 to 40 Pearland. Logan was dressed but did not play. They pressed full court to no real advantage. Davis was high point man but did not have a good game and had no help.

Dan Jensen

Hugh, it's good to have you back in the reporting saddle but can you tell us why Logan Lancon did not play?

We've now lost four of our last five and I suppose are about out of the playoff picture.

Hugh, with this season down the drain, what are our prospects for next year?

Dan Jensen

OK, this is not on Clear Creek basketball but we are not getting enough posts on the subject and I am going to punish you with a little BAYLOR BASKETBALL!!!!! I know fellow Baylor fan Ed Davis will love it. I don't know about the Carlisle family, even though the three men have playing links there.

Old Baylor has struggled mightily for way too many years in the basketball wilderness but last night AT College Station, it won a magnificent, five overtime game and remained undefeated in Big 12 play.

The message board on a Baylor site that I frequent has been abuzz since last night. I had mentioned the term "mawtapper" previously on the site and did again last night. We are in agreement that the term is accurate.

I was told that it was even on Wikipedia now. Some of you will recall that it was our Bobby Proctor that I first heard mention the term.

Buddy Carlisle

How about them Bears!!! Let me be the first on this blog to report on the Baylor-A&M game last night. I was one of the 12,000 plus who was in attendance and it truly was a "mawtapper" if I have ever seen one.

I went with my friend, Jamie Majewski, who is the associate principal at Creek and a staunch Aggie. I was just hoping the Bears would have a chance to win at the end, but never could I have imagined what we saw.

It was the most draining game I have ever seen. I felt as if I had coached it when it was all over. The shooting was not very good by either team from the floor but the Bears shot great from the line and the Aggies did not. They were actually pretty brutal.

Curtis Jerrells is an absolute stud and the Bears have 3 really good guards and 2 pretty good backups. Their inside guys aren't great but they aren't horrible. Kevin Rogers is very good but not a true post guy really, even though he is about 6'8".

I have never seen a game where I thought one team or the other had the game won many times and the other team came back and tied it for yet another overtime.

I can't imagine having to play another game on Saturday but they both have to. I would rather play one coming off a win than a heartbreaking loss like that one for the Aggies. The game vs. OU will be a tough one for the Bears to play though after the excitement of last night.

The Bears deserve some good fortune after what they have been through recently. They are fun to watch and except for Aaron Bruce, they are all coming back and they have a 6'11' guy from Yates, Anthony Jones, who will be a very good college player once he adds some weight. I would think recruiting will be a lot easier with the excitement they are creating right now.

As for the Wildcats, I know Hugh already reported and I didn't see the game but just heard that we could not score. Logan is out for the season with the reinjured shoulder which hurts, of course. But, we still have a chance to make the playoffs if we beat Alvin, Bwood and Pearland the second round. The top 3 are pretty much set with Ball and Lake with 1 loss and Brook with 2 after first round play. Pearland has 3 losses and we have 4 so we could still make it.

All right, way to go Bears and let's keep backing the Wildcats becaause I think they can still make it and they have some very good kids who were sophomores when I retired. I wish them well the second round.

Dan Jensen

Buddy, thank you for that great eyewitness report.

I too am concerned about tomorrow's game with Oklahoma. It's at home but the Sooners are well rested and I am not sure how we will react after the Aggie game. But, the main concern is that we have never beaten Oklahoma in Big 12 play and the losing streak goes back even further than that. It is time for that embarrassment to stop!

A large crowd greeted the team on its return from College Station and here is a post from a student on a Baylor website: "I showed up at 12:30 with a big crew of my buds from Penland. Students just kept coming and coming.. no one seemed to mind the cold, and there someone set up some speakers for some great background music. By the time the team got there the crowd was big and excited. Coach Drew got mobbed by the crowd as he tried to pass through, I sware the man was grinning from ear to ear. All the players were real gracious, I had a nice little talk with Lomers and I definitely have a new respect for that guy. While the news station was trying to interview Jerrels, a big group circled around them and chanted " CJ! CJ! ". Overall it was just an awesome just had a great collegiate feel about it, something that we don't get too often at BU. I CANNOT WAIT for Saturday."

Ed Davis

Way to go, Bears!!! I cannot believe I was not at that game. I rarely miss one but have been disappointed a lot on the drive home from College Station from various games from different sports. So I decided to stay home and listen on the radio. Boy, did I kick myself for not going. That must have been exciting for sure as related by Buddy in the comments above. I do not really know the true meaning of "mawtapper" but this surely had to be one. It was one for the ages if you are a Bear fan.

I cannot believe it but I am going to miss the home OU game as well. Have some babysitting duties up in Dallas with our newest grandson and just cannot find a way to get down there for that game. It is on TV so I will catch it that way. I, like Dan, am concerned about the physical state of the Bears but they have amazed me all year so why not one more time. Sic 'em Bears!!!!!!!!

Dan Jensen

Disgusting. Sickening. Such words describe yesterday's Baylor loss once again to Oklahoma. No excuse is acceptable.

I guess the way I feel after that is the way that Dickinson fans felt when Clear Creek dominated the Gators year after year after year during the George Carlisle era.

Buddy Carlisle

The Wildcats remained in the hunt for the post season last night at Carlisle Field House with an 84-70 win over Alvin.

Justin Warren led the way with 33 points and hit 6 3's on the night. I think Ian Davis probably had about 15 or so and we led comfortably most of the way.

I haven't seen other scores but we are probably tied with Pearland now for 4th unless the Oilers upset one of the top teams last night. I think they were playing either Lake or Brook.

As for the Bears, I knew it was going to be tough to beat OU after that huge win over the aggies. That was a very drainging game and OU is very good. The big guy(Griffen) who had been hurt is what Baylor does not have. We have good guards and average, at best, post players.

It won't get any easier vs. the Horns this weekend, unfortunately. But who wouldn't have taken 16-3 if you had told me in October that the Bears might have that record!

Dan Jensen

Buddy, I regularly exchange e-mails with a group of Baylor fans and here is what one shared regarding the effect of the Aggie game on Baylor's performance against Oklahoma.

"I have a friend who coaches high
school basketball, and he told me it's much harder to get a team ready to play after an exhausting, emotional win than after an exhausting, emotional
loss, because the latter maintains something of a chip on its shoulder and in some cases with more desperation."

I would have thought the opposite. What was your experience as a coach?

Dan Jensen

Ball High blasted our guys, 78-52 in Galveston but that's all I know. maxpreps has no details that I can find.

Whoever is feeding info to that site for Clear Creek is doing a poor job and I wish Buddy Carlisle would knock some heads since he now works for that organization.

Dan Jensen

We've got a plumb puzzlement here. I go to maxpreps for last night's game result and it has not yet been posted.

Buddy Carlisle works for maxpreps and Clear Creek doesn't report its games promptly to that website. Why hasn't Buddy got that situation corrected yet?

And, why hasn't Buddy given us some of his good reports lately? I wonder about such things. I don't know if Ed Davis or Frank McKinney do or not.

Buddy Carlisle

I must have posted my last comments under a different area of the blog because I reported after the Brook game(we lost 70-57 but it is not here.

Anyway, we led Lake last night 30-20 at the half and they could not buy a shot. Unfortunately, they popped us 25-6 in the 3rd and hung on for a 59-54 win. They had lost 3 out of their last 4 and looked like it in the first half. But they turned it around in the 3rd and we could not do much at all.

That loss eliminates us from the post season as even if we win over Pearland and Bwood we can't catch Pearland for the 4th spot.

In retrospect, if you had told me at the start of the year that Logan was going to miss most of the year, I would not have thought we would have even been .500 for the year, which we are. Except for Logan and Ian, we did not have a real talented senior class, although we had some guys play pretty well overall.

Anyway, start recruiting now because we have to rely on our JV squad who played well until grades destroyed them in district play, having lost 7 of their 12 guys to poor effort in the classroom.

Our girls play Monday in the first round of the playoffs vs. Hightower at 7 pm at Phillips Field House in Pasadena. They went undefeated in district play but our district was not very strong overall and the Fort Bend district was loaded-their 5th place team won 23 games and did not even make the playoffs. So that will be a tough 1st round matchup for our lady cats.

Baseball, softball and track are on the horizon and we should do well for sure in baseball and track, possible district titles in both. Not sure about softball but I think we maight be a playoff team.

I will get that problem corrected for nesx year as far as reporting scores goes to MaxPreps.

The Carlisles(George and Peggy included) were all at the game last night, as was my 4 year old, Kaleigh, who could be a heck of a point guard in about 12 years and she is a lefty. We all know that lefties are much harder to guard than righties!!!

Dan Jensen

Buddy, that was a very interesting post and prompts some comments and questions.

1) Another failed season for Clear Creek, whatever excuse may be involved. But, I guess a lot of schools would take two district championships in the past four years.

2) The junior varsity academic failure issue. Do coaches generally track the progress of their players in the classroom? If Coach Romine didn't, he should.

3) I assume the coach will have them back on academic track next season. How good a team do you expect?

4) Don't our girls start off with a fourth place team in the playoffs? If we can't beat a fourth place team, shame on us and no excuses accepted. Could our girls beat Dickinson? The Gators may be headed for a state championship. That should make us League City guys vomit.

5. I'm not sure if you were kidding about left handers being harder to guard or not. I do recall southpaw Boonie Wilkening being hard to guard but it was because of the quality of his jump shot. I don't recall having any other prize portsiders.

Buddy carlisle

The Lady Cats were beaten by Hightower in the first round of the playoffs last night 59-54 in double overtime.

Hightower is probably the best 4th place team in the state. Their district was very tough and ours was not. It showed last night.

We were very evenly matched but our best girl(Kourtnee Pevehouse, Lance's sister) fouled out early in the 2nd overtime and that was the ball game.

I'm going to see Brook play G. Ball tonight for the district championship. Brook has to beat them to tie for it while a Ball win gives them the title outright.

As for next year, the Cats will have to rely on the JV squad and 3 returners, 2 juniors now and 1 soph. I think we will be competitive in district because others are losing a number of guys too. If we stay eligible, we will be decent. Our district will be a pretty weak 5A district, I think.

Dan, I always thought lefties were harder to guard because there were so few and you got used to guarding right handers and forcing them to their weak hand and it was hard to make the adjustment when you faced a lefty.

Buddy Carlisle

Here is my last report on basketball for the Wildcats. We beat playoff bound Pearland by 6 on Friday night. We led big, 22-9, at the end of 1 but they closed to 29-28 at the half. It was tied going into the 4th and we hung on to win.

It was a good end to the year as all 5 teams beat Pearland and the Freshman A team won district with an overtime win.

I coached most of them during the summer of '07 and they are a good group-good kids, good grades and most should be on our JV next year.

Our varsity team in '08-'09 will contend for a playoff berth and will be pretty competitive, assuming they behave and make grades. Character, or lack of same, would seem to be the main issue at this time.

I'm going to see Brook vs. Dulles on Tuesday and will try to report on that one and the other 24-5A playoff games on Wednesday.

The Bears gave a valiant effort vs. Texas, who has great talent. I am going to Waco Friday and Sat. to take my daughter on a visit with the entire family. We are going to All University Sing Friday night and to see the Bears vs. K State on Sat. night.
Should be a fun trip.

james valentino

Dan, about left-handers, did you ever see Hank B. play!

Dan Jensen

Hank Bauer, New York Yankee outfielder? TV was in its infancy then but I may have.

Oh, I guess you mean Hank Bauerschlag. Initials are sometimes obscure and hard to understand and a pet peeve of mine but I guess our all-time leading scorer is someone I should recognize.

Actually, I only recall seeing him once since I had moved from the scene when he played.

Maybe we ought to pick an all-star team of all left handers. Hank and Boonie Wilkening would be my first two choices.

James, I don't recall what your relation is to Johnny, our Prince Val of days of yore, but it is really good that you are participating in this almost defunct blog. Please continue.

Dan Jensen

OK, my computer has been giving me problems and my name needed to be reinserted for the above post.

Hey everybody, if we have many still checking this blog, we really need evidence that you are indeed there. Give us some comments about just any old thing.

This is not just a basketball blog. It's football season and we can talk about that. You could also give us an update on your family. That's always interesting.

paul hackett

Hey dan...hank bauer??? right field before Maris, I b elieve. wasn't his nickname something like "Old Sarge"...

Dan Jensen

I don't know if Bauer was directly before Maris or not but he was a World War II guy and may have been called Old Sarge.

I've got a plumb loverly trivia question regarding the Yankees of the Bauer era that I will share with you sometime.

Now, you need to scamper over to the Mount Rushmore thread and give us your choices.

Well, I don't know if you ever could scamper but get there as fast as you can.

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