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1953/54 Webster Wildcat Team Memories

  • Wildcats Against LaPorte #2
    This album of pictures and news articles is from a folder of memories supplied to the blog by Arthur Landiault, one of the exciting players from the 1953/54 Wildcat team. Thanks Art for this great contribution

Clippings, Stats, Etc.

  • George Carlisle Presented Distinguished Service Award
    This album contains news clippings from the past, statistics for players from the Carlisle era, and other interesting stuff. All photos, clippings, etc. must be sent to the site administrator via email to be included in this album.

Robert Brown's Magazine Spread

  • Carbide_news_0005
    This magazine spread featuring Robert Brown was published in the Union Carbide magazine in February of 1957 as the Wildcats were on the road to the state playoffs. Robert was one of the star players on the Creek team that advanced into the state tournment in March of 1957. Robert's step-father was an employee of Union Carbide at the time.

Creek vs. Galveston Ball 1-17-06

  • Galveston Ball Info
    These photos are of pages in the program for the recent Creek vs. Galveston Ball game played at the Carlisle Field House on January 17, 2006. That game was won by the Wildcats, 81-59. Lance Pevehouse led the Creek scorers with 23 points. Thanks to Hugh Taylor (Class of '59) for sending these along.

Team/Individual Photos

  • More Pictures of 56-57 CCJH Teams
    This album contains photos of various former teams and players from the Clear Creek Independent School District. To be included in this album, photos will need to be submitted to the site manager via email.

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Ed Davis

As a wise person once said, "It ain't how you start,but how you finish!" could describe the '59 team. I am proud that we put it all together after a rather brutal early schedule and came with a few points of going to state. Not too many of the other Creek teams of that era made it any farther then we did. And we did protect the district win streak. And no one can fault our effort in each and every game. Coach would not let us give any less than 100% at all times.

Of course, guys who write sports news like Dan may not always comprehend the difficulties of playing the game with all the pressures of tradition on your shoulders. But, no one can fault Dan for his unbridled enthusiasm for and support of the Wildcats over a very long period of time. We should all thank him for that.

Hugh Taylor

True confessions time.

I do not remember much of this game but I do remember the closing minutes, and it is not a bright spot like Jimmy Goodmans glory in Rosenburg. Preparing for the game, we practiced a trap play for times when we might need to get the ball and score. Others were to trap and I was supposed to intercept. It was a good idea. Coach had us practice and prepare. The time came, the pass was made, but I was too slow. I needed Timmons speed or better anticipation. I was still too late and the game was lost. I might have done some good during the game but this last few seconds is about all I can remember.

It's all Ed's fault cause he was not 6'-9" tall.

We lost 14 games. Were any of them 2A schools?

We won 66%. Not bad unless you're playing for Creek with Dan in the stands. Can we get copies of the game stats so we can check this out?

Dan Jensen

Hugh, am I right in assuming you are talking about the Devine game in the regional finals? If so, that is an interesting revelation on your part. Don't feel bad. I don't think we ever had anyone as quick as Paul Timmins.

And yes, I do have my box score on the game and I assume that Sir Edward can post it here if I scan it to him or, if I were more computer literate, maybe I could do it from here.

It looks to me like you did your part, although you perhaps did not shoot enough. You were three of four from the floor and one of two from the line for seven points. Bennie Lenox led with 13 but did not shoot well. I guess he should have been 6-9 also although did you know he is now 6-4 rather than the 6-2 or so he was then?

You have a good point about the number of losses to 2A teams. Perhaps there was not one before Devine. 2A New London was the only non-4A team on our schedule in the first ten games that year.

New London had beaten us in the first round game of the state tournament just the year before, and I guess Coach was anxious for a rematch. We had lost, 52-47 in Austin and it was quite frustrating. I recall Coach remarking how so many of our shouts dipped down into the basket, then spun out. Chuck Trcka was 5 of 21 from the field and Bennie Lenox was 4 of 19. It was a wonder we were not beaten worse than 52-47. Sir Edward Davis was our second leading scorer in that game with 14.

We won, 47-41 in the rematch. Lenox had 22 that time but Hugh, you still did not shoot enough, hitting your only attempt. Probably Ed Davis wouldn't feed you enough as he threw it up 15 times and scored 12 points.

Hugh Taylor

I think Frost was as fast or quick as Timmons during our time. But that brings up another question. Where was Bo Bo to help Chuck. Proctor taught him. He could play. Football, track & baseball, why not basketball? Interesting.
I thought we were pretty good & had a great time playing. We had some great guys. Now you've got me wondering if we could play. Like Ed said, a few points & we would have been at state no matter how many loses to 3 & 4A schools. Bellaire just killed us & did dammage to the school bus we rode!

Dan Jensen

William Frost was faster than Paul Timmins but I am not sure he was as quick. Maybe we can get input from others on this interesting subject.

Both were really good athletes and I am been thinking about authoring a thread and asking who y'all think our best all-round athlete was.

As to Bobo Frederick and his basketball career, it is a plumb puzzlement why he did not make the transition from junior high to high school basketball.

He was a star on Bobby Proctor's junior high team, but as a junior varsity player, I recall him missing a shot from the key and Proctor saying, "If he had missed shots like that for me last year, we would have been in trouble."

Frederick may have been our best all time football player and was good in baseball and track and it is too bad that he made no impact in basketball and did not play behond his sophomore year.

Dan Jensen

"Not too many of the other Creek teams of that era made it any farther then we did."--Sir Edward Davis

Let the record show that seven of the ten teams listed above did advance farther. In fact, the 1959 club was the only one in an eight year stretch that did not make the state tournament.

Ed Davis

Well, Dan, those of who played for that team think it was great to have had the experience to play on it. Going to regional finals was an accomplishment no matter what former sports writers think. This whole blog was supposed to be a positive experience for all us former Creek players and fans so I will think nothing but positive thoughts about my 59 team. So, I will end my input on this topic and sleep soundly tonight.

Dan Jensen

Now Eddie, what would be positive about letting a blatantly false statement stand?

To the rest of you, let me hasten to say that Sir Edward and I have exchanged countless e-mails since the Carlisle Project and blog began and, although I didn't really know him before, I now count him as a good friend and rejoice that she shares my love for Baylor athletics.

Jimmy Pell and Hugh Taylor are two others that I knew only as athletes with practically no personal contact. That is no longer the case, thanks to the magic of the internet.

Dan Jensen

I think Paul Timmins was mighty quick and Hugh Taylor votes for William Frost. Any other nominations out there from anybody?

Johnny Valentino was quick, both on the basketball court and at defensive end.

We need to name an "All Quick" team. Our retired coaches could really help on this. I'm retired too but I'm not a coach. Not quick either.

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